Delivery, erection and commissioning supervision of main and auxiliary transformers for CHP Zabrze - EC Zabrze
Energia dla Wrocławia. Elektrociepłownia Fortum we Wrocławiu.
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Delivery, erection and commissioning supervision of main and auxiliary transformers for CHP Zabrze

Fortum Silesia S.A. announces, that the tendering procedure for “Delivery, erection and commissioning supervision of main and auxiliary transformers for CHP Zabrze”  was concluded. The offers were evaluated based on criteria specified in the contract notice and the conducted negotiation, resulting in selection of contractor – ZREW Transformatory S.A.


Fortum Zabrze S.A launches tendering procedure for Delivery, erection and commissioning supervision of main and auxiliary transformers for CHP Zabrze.

All details regarding the investment and tendering conditions are listed in Request for Proposal. The tendering documentation shall be made available to Tenderers upon individual request.

The deadline for tenders submission has been extended until 31st of December, 2015, time: 15:00 CET .

Contact persons:

Tomasz Kusy

Kamila Zybura

The Purchaser reserves the right to cancel the tendering procedure without giving any reasons at any moment.